Previous Programs

RSCU at the Spring 2024 ACS Meeting (New Orleans)

After 4 summers of building a community on Zoom, Remote Supergroup carried out an in-person symposium! The national ACS meeting provided the perfect opportunity for the RSCU group to meet in person and continue what we do best- share research, support students and build our PUI community. Read more about it on the RSCU at ACS page.

Summer 2023

RSCU continued through its 4th summer! The program continues to host exciting researchers, and we had our highest participation to date with 64 different labs and 182 students enrolled through RSCU basecamp. The group spans over 22 different states, and in 2023, with the new “get info here” button on the website, we were able to include students who are not involved with summer research yet, but were looking to hear the research seminars and ask questions to the panels.

RSCU WeekSpeakerDescriptionAreaInstitution
Week 1Benny ChanResearch TalkInorganic Chem EdTCUNJ
Week 2Chantal StieberResearch TalkInorganic ChemCal Poly Poma
Week 3Graduate Student Panel+PanelProfessional Development Various
Week 4Anne McNeilResearch TalkMaterialsU of Michigan
Week 5Student Flash TalksStudent activityProfessional DevelopmentRSCU participants
Week 6Hoby WedlerInclusivity SpeakerOrganic chemistry
Week 7David NagibResearch TalkOrganic ChemistryOhio State
Week 8Cassie JarvisResearch TalkPharmaceutical developmentMerck
Week 9Career Panel*PanelProfessional DevelopmentVarious
Week 10Héctor AbruñaResearch TalkElectrochemistryCornell
RSCU Summer 2023 hosted hosted +Graduate students in PhD programs at CUNY Brooklyn, University of Virginia, Cornell and UNC. *professional chemists from Pfizer, Gilson BMS, Delaware State Forensic lab and Factorial Energy.

Summer 2022

RSCU was thrilled to be back for a third summer, continuing the tradition of connecting undergraduate summer researchers across the country.

Summer 2022 RSCU hosted 28 research groups from 23 PUI institutions.

RSCU WeekSpeakerDescriptionAreaInstitution
Week 1Vanessa Gonzalez- PerezWorkshopFostering InclusivityPrinceton University
Week 2Career Panel*PanelProfessional DevelopmentVarious
Week 3Bil ClemonsResearch TalkBiochemistry/ Structural BiologyCaltech
Week 4George ShieldsResearch TalkTheoreticalFurman University
Week 5Laura SanchezResearch TalkBioAnalyticalUCSC
Week 6Danica RankicResearch TalkMedicinal ChemistryPfizer
Week 7Graduate Student Panel+PanelProfessional Development Various
Week 8Student Flash TalksStudent activityProfessional DevelopmentRSCU students
RSCU Summer 2022 hosted *professional chemists from Eastman Chemical Co, Pfizer, PPG, ChemCo and National Renewable Energy Lab. +Graduate and medical students from UMBC, Penn State, Caltech and Northwestern.

Summer 2021

In addition to research talks we were excited to continue to include panels in our series as well as add a workshop about lab culture and microaggressions. 

Panels in the career panel included chemists currently working in national labs, Exxon Mobil and Vanderbilt Chemicals. One of our panelists also left the lab and is working in Scientific communication at C&E News.

We were honored to have Dr. Obligacion lead a discussion and workshop about microaggressions and cultures in a laboratory setting. Her conversation allowed many students and professors share stories of their experiences and make sure that the whole community is aware of small ways that we discourage each other

Summer 2021 RSCU hosted 28 research groups from 23 PUI institutions.

RSCU WeekSpeakerDescriptionAreaInstitution
Week 1Nicholas BallResearch TalkOrganometallic/ CatalysisPomona College
Week 2Grad Student Panel+PanelProfessional DevelopmentVarious
Week 3Lynn HernandezWorkshopLab Culture. Microaggressions. DiversityCity College of NY
Week 4Jennifer ObligacionResearch TalkProcess ChemistryMerck
Week 5Career Panel*PanelProfessional DevelopmentVarious
Week 6Tehshik YoonResearch TalkEnantioselective synthesisUW-Madison
Week 7Yogi SurendranathResearch TalkInorganic MIT
Week 8Student Flash TalksStudent activityProfessional DevelopmentRSCU students
RSCU Summer 2021 hosted +graduate and medical students from University of Michigan, Lehigh University, Princeton University and MIT. *professional chemists from Vanderbilt chemicals, Vanderbilt materials science, Scientific writer at C&EN and National Lab.

Summer 2020

Summer 2020. RSCU was designed as a response to the fact that we were all predominantly still in lockdown from COVID-19.  Most of our universities and labs were still not allowing students or professors on campus, but we still needed to give our chemistry students stimulating.

The inaugural RSCU hosted 18 PUI institutions spanning 14 different states and up to 80 participants logged on each week.

RSCU WeekSpeakerDescriptionAreaInstitution
Week 1Cathy DrennanResearch TalkMIT
Week 2Grad Student Panel+PanelProfessional DevelopmentVarious
Week 3Amanda WolfeResearch TalkUNCA
Week 4Sarah ReismanResearch TalkCal Tech
Week 5Student Flash Talksstudent activityProfessional DevelopmentRSCU students
Week 6Eric AnslynResearch TalkUT-Austin
Week 7Professional School Panel++PanelProfessional DevelopmentVarious
Week 8Jeff Johnsonstudent activityPrice is Right game! (costs of lab materials)Hope College
Week 9Career Panel*PanelProfessional DevelopmentVarious
RSCU Summer 2020 hosted +graduate students in PhD programs at UC Irvine, UC Riverside, Baylor University, Stanford, Princeton and University of Washington. ++Medical, dental and pharmacy school students from UCSF, Western U Health Services and UMBC *professional chemists from Merck, Delaware State forensic lab, Editor at American Chemical Society and National Lab.

Summer 2020