ACS 2024

ACS Spring National Meeting 2024: Many Flavors of Chemistry. New Orleans, LA

Remote Supergroup for Chemistry Undergraduates (RSCU) hosted a symposium at the 2024 ACS National meeting in New Orleans, LA. This symposium was co-sponsored by the Div of Chemical Education and Young Chemists Committee and will highlighted our network PUI professors and students.

Thank you to everyone that came out the symposium, it was a wonderful session with great chemistry and networking for our RSCU community. Special congratulations for Carter Brand and Leah Biwot; undergraduate students who abstracts we chosen to present. You did a great job representing your schools and research labs!

Thank you to Mike Bertucci (Lafayette college) and Kimberly Choquette (Drew University) for organizing the RSCU symposium! We hope to continue to find avenues for in-person events for our growing RSCU community; to connect PUI professors and our undergraduate researchers.

K.Choquette, E.Gray and C. McMahon. Three of the 4 organizing members of RSCU
C.Brand (Lafayette College) and L.Biwot (St. Lawrence University)- our student presenters.

RSCU Symposium at ACS

SpeakerPresentation TitleInstitution
Erin GrayRSCU DirectorIntroductory remarksWilliam and Lee (VA)
Raul NavarroPI presenterRegiodivergent Pd-Catalyzed Decarboxylative Coupling ReactionsOccidental College (CA)
Caitlin McMahonPI presenterTargeting Biofilms with Inhibitors of Lectin-Mediated Adhesion and Quorum SensingUniversity of North Carolina Asheville (NC)
Leah Biwot
(Tartakoff Lab)
student presenterSynthesis and Study of Acridine Derivatives as Potential Chemotherapeutic AgentsSt. Lawrence University (NY)
Carter Brand
(Bertucci Lab)
student presenterComputational Model for Rational Design of L. plantarum AIP AgonistsLafayette College (PA)
Joslynn Leekeynote speakerIncreasing capacity for DEIJ in chemistry at the undergraduate levelFort Lewis College (CO)
Group ActivityNetworkingDrawing connections in Research and DEIJ